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May 12 , 2007

Although the message board has been as quiet as a tomb recently, Imperious Leader is undaunted and has posted some excellent play aids for the The Great War. I suspect he hasn't elicited more interest simply because he's the only owner of a physical copy of the game at the moment.

If you'd like to join him, we can make you a custom copy of the game (for a lot of money, due to the custom nature of the thing, with a load of extras but no plastic pieces.)


April 14 , 2007

The long war is on! No, I don't mean some global terrorist movement, but rather the one against spam, which seems to have taken over our message board.

We're fighting back, though, and making headway. I (and the site host) have made some changes to the registration system and done a thorough scrubbing of messages. Defeat is not an option :)


April 13 , 2007

I realize that people have been struggling to get through to us on some of our e-mail accounts, and with all the message board problems we've been having, this makes for a tough time.

I was finally able to sort out all the issues, and e-mail traffic should flow smoothly now. The problem was complicated, but suffice to say, it appeared to be working, but wasn't, which made it very difficult to trace. should work normally now.


March 3 , 2007

Everything old is new again...that's right, I'm talking about Richyj and Stimpy, who have kindly agreed to mediate the message boards again. Please stop by and pay your respects :)


November 7 , 2006

I'm sure you've missed these posts the last several months, but the time has been well spent. Introducing:

Our new message board! Yes, that's right, we're ad- and donation-free! Thanks to Brian, we're up and running at the new location. Use the link above to go there, and update your bookmarks. You'll see a few tweaks here and there over the next several months.

Again, it wouldn't have been possible without time and effort from Brian, a.k.a. Evil Bastard (who's anything but, it would seem).


July 15 , 2006

Has it really been eleven months since our last news post? Wow!

Anyway, rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated, and we're still very much in business. The Great War has stalled, partly because of the initial capital required to produce the game, but even more due to our limited ability to store the games once we produce them. This doesn't mean we're never going to release it in a box, but it may be awhile.

In other news, we are in the early stages of a new product, and this one should be more in line with our capabilities. More to come....


August 18 , 2005

A long time between posts, yes, as we waited for the dust to clear on our message board. And as feared, our fully paid-up Gold account is essentially completely destroyed, with 90% of posts lost into the ether. Ironically, years ago I had asked if we could have a copy of the files on the EZBoard, and the admins rather smugly reassured me that their servers were safer than any private hard drive.

Getting the last laugh isn't always as satisfying as people claim....


June 3 , 2005

The message board has been hit by the "Request Error" bug that has apparently been plaguing ezBoards everywhere, including their help forums! We will continue to try to resolve this issue.


May 11 , 2005

Okay, okay. It's not true...we're still just plain old Imp Games, LLC. No Disney characters, no cute cartoons, nothing.

On the message board, it seems Crucible is back in style, and the last of the complaints about The Great War have evaporated...we have finally tweaked the gas rules to the point where even our sharpest critics and our most ardent supporters (sometimes they're one and the same) now enjoy them.


April 01, 2005

We can finally report on some big news we've been secretive about for the last several months. We've been bought out! Disney has agreed to purchase Imp Games, including all games, our domain, and intellectual property for a sizeable sum. We have mixed feelings, of course, but money is money, after all. And if you're worried about our games, this recent letter from Walter Thurman, the Head of Games & Toys at Disney, should dispel your doubts:


In response to the questions you raised during the teleconference, I wanted to reassure you that the famous Imp Games quality won't be affected. We'll make some minor changes to fit our family-oriented themes, of course.

Our designers are particularly excited about Crucible, where we're planning to replace the generic factions with various Disney properties, so you'll see the "Winnie-the-Pooh" faction, the "Bambi" faction, and our favorite, "Monsters, Inc." I think you'll agree that this will not only improve the game, but give it the name recognition it deserves.

Take care,



Change is always hard, but we definitely think this will be for the best.

March 27 , 2005

Yes, we're still alive and well despite the long interval between updates! The message board now boasts around 6500 messages. Pretty good for a humble strategy game company.

And we're still hard at work developing a real-world version of The Great War...nothing's as simple as it seems, we've learned. But it will happen :)


January 5 , 2005

Many, many thanks to our esteemed guests who recently pooled their resources to keep the message board free of pop-ups.

We're honored by the support!


January 1 , 2005

Is it 2005 already? Imp Games thanks all of our visitors for your support over the last year, and we hope your New Year is a happy one!


December 25 , 2004

Merry Christmas! We hope your holiday was as cheerful as ours. Take some time off, and play a board game with your family!


December 19 , 2004

Another update after a long trip to Southeast Asia. Beautiful weather this time of year, really.

The rules for The Great War are essentially complete, with the question of mustard gas' power the only outstanding issue. I've put together a test scenario for any dissenters to use to help analyze the current rule system...check the message board for specifics.


August 20 , 2004

In the long interval since the last update, the 1.3 rules have experienced some vigorous testing, with very few concerns mentioned regarding rules balance and clarity. Could we really be there?

If you have input you'd like to share before the final draft, head to the message board to make your case.

June 27 , 2004

If you want to buy the East & West or Great War modules, you may gag on the shipping, particularly if you live overseas. Here's the solution:

1) Download the module from here..
2) Install it to MapView--it's now in "demo" mode
3) Send us $11 (per module) through PayPal, with the e-mail portion telling us which module you want; include your MapView serial number
4) We'll e-mail you back with a registration; we won't ship you anything.


June 20 , 2004

The 1.3 rules for The Great War are out. The neutrals have been strengthened considerably in response to players' reports, and a few unit costs have been reduced. Details are available on the Board.


May 31 , 2004

Much spirited discussion has ensued following the release of the 1.2 rules. A new "neutral attack" strategy has developed for the Allies--or is it a loophole? :)


April 20, 2004

Version 1.2 of the Great War rules is out! A lot of player feedback went into this iteration. Some highlights:

-Better balanced technologies

-More realistic air-naval rules

-Overall game balance addressed

-Clarifications of many rules now in place

Please join our discussion of these new rules on the message board.



April 04, 2004

A potential problem with our CD versions of The Great War and East & West has been identified and solved. Not our fault, fortunately, but the autorun function requires a .dll file that is missing from some installations of Windows. Here's the fix:

Download the file from here:

Extract both files to your windows/system (Windows 95, 98, ME) or windows/system32 (Windows XP, etc) directory and right-click on the "RICHTX32.INF" file and choose "Install" from the right-click menu.


March 21, 2004

We've crossed the 100-member barrier on the message board, and there's a lot of interesting talk about The Great War. Could the game finally be balanced? Stay tuned...


February 14, 2004

Happy Valentine's Day!

Now for some news...we've hired skilled 3-D artist Ian Ingram to design our pieces for The Great War. We're looking forward to working with him, and hope to show you progress as it happens.

Older news and announcements are archived here.



About us--

Imp Games was founded by people who love games. Because we want you to enjoy our products as much as we do, we believe in close attention to detail and high quality gameboards and playing pieces. East & West represents our first effort to show you our dedication to gaming, but keep coming back to our home page to see upcoming and new releases.

If you have questions or concerns about Imp Games or its products, don't hesitate to e-mail us. We'll answer promptly, and we'll work to keep our games and our web site up-to-date.

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