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January 1, 2004

Happy New Year! Our 4th year in business...on the Internet, I guess that makes us a tradition!

December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas to all our visitors. Thanks for all the support this year. The only present I have for you folks is on the message board....

December 18, 2003

Announcment: A rule change for the Great War (albeit a minor one):

Instead of phosgene gas, the third tier technology under the "Poison Gas" development tree is now "Mustard Gas." Details are posted on the message board, but this change does not affect gameplay at all.

An image of this sinister molecule lurks to the left.


November 9, 2003 A warm (if slightly belated) thanks to Fred Caillou for his generous donation to the message board.

October 31, 2003

Happy Halloween! Keep the bowls full of candy for the little ghouls and ghosts tonight! (And give double to anyone dressed as an Imp :) )
October 9, 2003

As noted below, the message board has been full to overflowing lately. So, in the spirit of "giving the people what they want," we've broken off a separate Crucible discussion forum, and added an Ash Heap where you can bury your off-topic woes (and incidentally read about an interesting new real-time strategy game.) Please visit, and see the new layout.

August 16, 2003

Yes, it's been WAY too long since the last update. The reasons are legion, but suffice to say I recently completed a transatlantic move and was unable to attend to the site in the meantime. Humblest apologies....

However, despite the absence of news here, the message board has been humming (approaching 5,000 posts now!) and the biggest news is the generosity of the members, who have extended our no-ad period for another year. Many thanks to everyone who donated to keep us clean and fresh!

May 27, 2003

The evolution of Crucible continues. Be part of the discussion on the message board.

In other news, The Great War continues toward the ultimate goal...a real-world game! Revised rules are being tested and reviewed for balance, so expect a public release to our customers soon.

April 23, 2003

Ah! A new MapView, with some very cool features....try it out for your next game of Crucible (version 1.216--yes, we're now using the thousandth place in version numbers :)

April 21, 2003

A long time since the last news item, but we've been busy working toward making The Great War into a board game.

In response to the many e-mails eager for its release...we don't know the date! But we'll keep you informed here and on the message board.

And thanks to everyone for the supportive words as we try to get all the necessary parts together. We promise it'll be worth the wait.

March 05, 2003 We've updated the links page: You can visit Strafing Run Games for some interesting additions to your Axis & Allies experience. We've also cleared out some deadwood (companies gone scary!) and given better directions to climbing Avalon Hill.
February 28, 2003

The updated module, version 1.1, is now available next to the rules...the map has been changed slightly, and the icons spiffed up a bit. Also, I've added icons to help track territories and technologies.

February 6, 2003 After some intense debate and discussion, I've updated the rules to Crucible. Help yourself to version 1.1 on the Downloads page.
January 27, 2003

Yippee! Due to the generosity of the aforementioned trio, plus Mot and Andre Bolkonsky, our message board is now Gold!

So if you've been avoiding the board due to the deluge of ads, you may now venture safely into our realm without learning about the benefits of on-line gambling....

January 25, 2003 Special thanks to Rich, JerBear, and Stimpy, who donated yesterday towards cleaning the ads out of our message board. We won't forget your help!
January 17, 2003

By popular demand, here's a view of the Crucible board for your viewing pleasure. The map is a smaller than in MapView, but you'll get a good idea of the game.

This image is large, so if you have a slow modem, grab a soda while it loads....

January 14, 2003

So you want to see how it's done? You can follow along with 2 games of Crucible in progress at the Wargamer's Club.

Also, cast your vote on an impromtu poll on who's the best Crucible faction. Ballots available on the message board.

January 11, 2003 Rich has pulled another goodie from his seemingly bottomless bag of's a battle calculator designed for Crucible. Now the true grognards can squeeze out as much of the uncertainty as possible!
January 7, 2003 No, you don't have to set up all those neutral infantry in Crucible...I've done it for you here.
January 5, 2003

Seems I put out the word on MapView before Mot had a chance to update his site. In the meantime, here's the MapView you'll need to play Crucible (you need one or the other, not both--Version 1.211):

Big MapView file (11 MB, contains a lot of goodies)

Little MapView file (much smaller, basic program)

January 4, 2003

We're finally ready...the Crucible module is available on the Downloads page. Try it out and tell us what you think!

When you're ready to play, follow the link above to find the dice server. Thanks to Rich for his help in this area; he's managed to implement some very difficult rules, like the Brotherhood's "Conversion" power. Check it out.

January 1, 2003

Wow! It's "Aught-three" already. That means we've been in buisiness almost three years. Doesn't that make us a "gaming company with tradition" by now?

Happy New Year, everyone!

December 29, 2002 Bit by bit, we're making good on the promise. The rules for Crucible are now available for download. Soon we'll get the module in place and another dice server, all free for your gaming pleasure.
December 25, 2002

Merry Christmas to you from Imp Games! Enjoy a break from the world and spend some time with your family today.

Our present to you? Crucible is done, and lacks only a little polish before we give it away...

November 28, 2002

Happy Thanksgiving! A good day to play board games with the family, don't you think?

In other news, Crucible should be up before too long. We'll tell you as soon as it's ready....

I'll be away from all computer-related objects next week, so if I don't reply right away to a message post, don't take it personally!

October 1st, 2002

We've got a new game! In Crucible, players battle for resources in a future dystopia. The game is specifically designed to be perfectly balanced at the start, so only your wits and strategy set you above your "friends." ;)

Crucible should be available for MapView soon. Initially, we'll be offering the game free to anyone who has bought one of our other games, so watch this space for the upcoming release.

September 10, 2002

Yes! A new version of MapView is in testing, and now you can have it for your very own!

Pick it up here, and don't forget to install the latest version of The Great War, which is included in the download as an option during the installation.

August 25, 2002 A new scenario for East & West is prepped and ready for you on our message board. Thanks to RegiaMarina for his chilling vision of 1950.
August 5, 2002 Mot is cooking up a new version of MapView, version 1.2, which will have many new features for customers and companies alike. Look for news of it here, or at MotCreations.
July 4, 2002

Happy Independence Day to the Americans out there!

And, of course, belated Canada Day all your old William Shatner albums in honor of the occasion.

April 28, 2002

After much feedback from gamers, we've made two minor adjustments to the Great War rules (lower costs for artillery and poison gas canisters). Also, by popular demand, Imp Games has changed/added several graphics features on our MapView module.

Details on both issues can be found on the message board.

April 6, 2002

The message board is teeming with games, questions, and suggestions. We're over 2000 posts, and counting!

In other news, CCNow (our credit card processing company) had taken a brief unscheduled holiday, but is now back online and ready to take your orders. Please inform us of any issues you encounter with them.

March 14, 2002 In response to many, many questions, we've added a Great War FAQ, which you can find here, or via the FAQ link above.
March 7, 2002 A lot of folks are playing the Great War! You can look for an opponent on the message board, or just sample the module on our downloads page.


February 9, 2002

Our promotion has been quite a success. For those new to MapView and our modules, you can see several play-by-email games demonstrated in the "Game Posts" section of the message board, using the dice servers above.

Please feel free to post your own games there, or just read along.

February 3, 2002 Our first promotion! During February, if you buy one of our MapView products (East & West or The Great War), you can register MapView for half price. See our Orders page for the appropriate link.
January 25, 2002 ...And completing his opus, Rich has now built an East & West dice server for your use. For us, this is a dream come true!
January 22, 2002

After much puttering about on our part, trying to design a dice server for The Great War, one of our faithful collegues has shown us how it's done. Try it out here for your next play by e-mail experience!

Also, we've added a new link to Myst Games, a new game company who will let you test your turn-of-the-century mettle in their new game.

January 01, 2002

Happy New Year!

2001 was good to us; we hope '02 is good to you.

December 25, 2001 Happy Christmas to you and your family from Imp Games!

December 24, 2001

The Great War is out! You can download our MapView module for a preview, and if you like it, why not buy it? See our new Products page for more information.
December 23, 2001

MapView is out of beta testing, which means our modules for the Great War and East & West will be on sale soon. We're just crunching the last of the bugs now.

Oh, and check out the chess set that comes included with the new MapView. Recognize the artist? ;)

December 12, 2001 We've added a new link to a new company, Eagle Games. Check them out; they're one of the few companies to include plastic pieces with their games.
December 3, 2001

The message board is teeming with activity of late, with two exciting games generating a lot of comment and rules questions--now over 1400 posts!

In other news, the strategy guide is essentially complete, and will be available shortly, allowing you to hone your warmongering skills by Christmas.

November 18, 2001

Several new games have been posted on the message board. Offer your comments if you'd like.

Also, one of our customers has noted a slow delivery time for his game. While we don't know the specifics, we assume that responsibiliy for this belongs to the increased seasonal demand on the US Post Office, as well as the tightened security. Please inform us if your game has been delayed to help us determine the extent of the problem.


November 10, 2001 In response to a flurry of questions on the message board, we've updated our Frequently Asked Questions with several new rules clarifications. Does Western Canada border the Atlantic Ocean? Find out for yourself.....
October 31, 2001 Happy Halloween! Take a break from the real ghouls of the world, and eat some candy.
October 30, 2001 We're in the midst of writing an official East & West strategy guide. If you'd like to contribute, please reply to the thread on the message board. Your reward? A free copy of the guide in its final form, a nice credit in the text, and our eternal gratitude.
October 27, 2001 Bear witness to a true clash of the titans...our very own Amedeo, a.k.a. "The Other Imp" takes on Stimpy in a classic game. The turns are posted on the message board, and you can feel free to comment on their quests for world domination.
October 19, 2001

Another comment I'd like to mention regards MapView...namely "what is it?" Essentially, the program creates computer versions of several board games (without computer opponents, of course). Though it is still technically in beta testing, the program is quite stable.

We'll add a section to this web site describing our products for MapView as soon as it becomes available.

October 12, 2001 A couple of recent customer comments are worth bringing up here on the news column. First, for anyone who is interested in seeing all the variants of East & West without sifting through the message board, try thrasher's page, particularly here.
October 9, 2001

Once again, we owe Mot a big "thank you." He's completed work on The Great War for MapView, and we're now completing the initial unit setup. The board and the unit graphics look great, and of course, it's got MapView's signature simplicity.

We'll probably do a brief bit of playtesting using MapView, then release the game to our wonderful customers.

September 11, 2001 We are shocked and saddened by the cruel attacks today, and our hearts go out to the victims and their families.
August 21, 2001 We've had along delay between news items, but we've been busy...expect a new and improved battle roller with e-mail capabilities (yeah!) coming soon, as well as some new MapView files for you play-by-emailers out there.
July 27, 2001 Check out a new game posted on the message board--it's got Soviet aggression, Allied cunning, and even the fall of India.
July 14, 2001

The Origins convention was a big success for us; we made some friends, some contacts, and even a little money. Not bad overall.

Over 800 posts now available for your reading pleasure on the message board. Recent topics include a possible new unit: the mechanized infantry.

July 7, 2001 We'll be at the Origins game convention this week, so look for us there. Unfortunately, my partner can't both go and ship games (at least until we get him cloned) so shipments will be delayed until next week.
July 3, 2001 I've updated the link to Don's Essays. Be sure to go there at some point...his site has evolved into the premiere Axis & Allies site, and even has official moderation from Avalon Hill.
July 1, 2001 Please check out thrasher's site (find it under Links), which has been updated with several new East & West rules sets. He's even included a scenario for Iron Blitz.
June 21, 2001 Our beta testers seem to be enjoying themselves quite a lot with the new utility. The latest build will be available soon, and will feature a neutral piece set, and some country-specific units.
June 8, 2001

We have started to mail out beta copies of the MapView Utility and the accompanying East & West module. Everyone who owns a copy of the board game is entitled to join the beta test.

Remember, you need to install Mot's AAE Board (freeware) before you can use the new MapView utility.

June 4, 2001

Well, after much toil by Mot (and those of us at Imp drawing the graphics) we've essentially a finished copy of the map utility. All that's left is to update the background map.

Please see the message board for notes on the distribution of the map utility.

May 25, 2001 A simple but interesting solution to the problem of play new factories. Read the discussion on the message board, try it out, and let us know how it works.
May 15, 2001 The map utility nears beta status...we'll be working with Mot over the next several days to make East & West-style graphics for the interface.
May 1, 2001

Happy May Day, to all you would-be communists out there. Give the Soviets an extra 5 credits at the start of the game today in honor of the revolution!

Beta testing will begin soon on the map utility. Sign up on the message board if you're interested.

April 26, 2001

The discussion board is back up after some maintenance by the new owners of ezboard.

I've had the pleasure of beta testing Mot's utility, and, while I don't want to reveal too much, I've found it quite user-friendly and surprisingly aesthetic.

April 16, 2001 Mot has been kind enough to make a utility for East & West to store unit positions. This should greatly ease play-by-mail games....look for it soon.
April 10, 2001 We've posted a narrative of the first round of a test game from the Great War, just to give you a little taste....
April 5, 2001 The battle roller has been further fleshed out and a copy moved to our site. Click the dice (above, left) to play with it.


April 1, 2001

We've got a great April Fool's gift for you (no, really). Karl Pfleger was kind enough to write a battle roller for East & West, complete with heavy armor, cruisers, and self-propelled artillery! See links.

March 29, 2001 A rousing discussion on various good points of different board games is now on the message board. What would YOU like to see in a board game?
March 23, 2001 Over 500 posts on the message board! The excellent comments we've had have helped make East & West a better game. Please post your ideas and strategies.
March 21, 2001 Fleet placement has been further clarified in the FAQ section. Thanks to thrasher and Signet for noting the ambiguities.
March 20, 2001 Another great game has been posted for all to see. Who wins? Communism or capitalism? I won't spoil the ending....
March 15, 2001 Thrasher has updated his site to include an extensive section on East & West and house rules. See the "Links" page for his address.
March 10, 2001

To see East & West in action, you can follow a play-by-mail game being posted on the message board. The participants invite your comments on a separate thread.

If you're looking to play by e-mail, put up a post on the board.

March 8, 2001 To download the rules update, make sure you RIGHT-CLICK on the link. If you left-click, your browser will try to open the whole file before you can download it, and this may not work. Also, this is a PDF file, so you need a viewer (like Adobe's free Acrobat Viewer).
March 7, 2001 The Second Edition Rules are now available on our Downloads page.
March 6, 2001 Another dice server is available for playing by e-mail. Please see the links page.
March 5, 2001 The FAQ section has been updated with a clarification of fleet placement in East & West. Several of the placement directionss were ambiguous; these new notes resolve all fleet issues. Please e-mail us if you discover any other ambiguities.
March 4, 2001 We've added Conquest Games to our links page. They've quite a variety of games in the offing.
March 3, 2001 The second edition rules are complete! We'll prepare the file in friendly format for downloading shortly.
February 25, 2001 We invite you to express your opinion on the appropriate level for a Soviet economic victory. Please visit the message board and vote.
February 23, 2001 Feedback is positive on the proposed Second Edition Rules. Please send e-mail or post your comments; we plan to release the official rule update next week.
February 21, 2001 A long delay between updates here on the news board...but I've got an excuse. My wife and I just had our little baby boy! I wonder if he'll grow up to be a game geek like his daddy?
February 11, 2001 A rough draft of the Second Edition Rules is available for your comment on the message board. Any input is welcome.
February 8, 2001 Fixed a broken link which used to lead to the Hasbro Axis & Allies home page. Looks like they've stopped supporting the game (or at least the CD).
February 6, 2001 Almost 300 messages on the board now, including several strategies (the Jihad and Vietnam Gambit) and house rules. Check it out!
February 3, 2001

The shipping department has returned from his much-deserved vacation, and is ready to deliver!

Also, if you are interested in playing East & West by e-mail, see Signet's thread on the message board. I've added a dice server to the Links area which can be used to roll groups of any kind of dice and send the results by e-mail (thanks to Signet for the link.)

January 31, 2001 Our shipping department will be closed until 03Feb01. As usual, you may place orders, send e-mails, etc., until then. Of course, nobody's credit card will be charged until the games are in the mail.
January 30, 2001 Go to the downloads & add-ons page for a look at the upcoming Great War map. This may not be the final layout, but it's close.
January 28, 2001 Coming this image of the new Great War map for your critical review.
January 24, 2001 New battle board! We have a new downloads page, which now has a GIF file of a battle board. This turned out to be clearer and quicker to download than a JPG. Print it out and play!
January 19, 2001

Next up in the category of game additions, a JPG file of a battle board specific for East & West, probably within the next week.

January 17, 2001 In response to several requests for blow-up boxes of the Balkan countries, we've prepared a JPG file for you to download and print (in color if you've got it!). Put it beside the game as you play....
January 15, 2001

Credit card ordering has been restored...we will update you with any further glitches.

Remember Dr. King.

January 14, 2001 Grim news about our credit card company, CCNow. They are unable to process orders temporarily due to site troubles. We will update this site when credit card ordering is back online. Customers may still order through money order or electronic cash, however. Please e-mail us with questions.
January 10, 2001 We have new information on The Great War, an upcoming World War I strategy game. Read the "More information..." post on the message board.
January 8, 2001 Imp will be unable to respond to customer e-mail until January 13; however, we will continue to process and ship orders uninterrupted.
January 1, 2001 Happy New Year! Thanks to our customers for making 2000 a success for us. We look forward to bringing you new toys for the third millenium.
December 29, 2000 We're truly a global company...we've sold games to customers in 7 different countries! Still no buyers from Nepal yet, though....
December 25, 2000

Merry Christmas, everybody! I would wish you peace on earth, but that's bad for business!


December 23, 2000 The "view map" link now takes you to a larger and clearer picture of the East & West gameboard. Because of the level of detail, the picture may take 1-2 minutes to load.
December 18, 2000 One hundred and forty messages and counting! Join us on the message board for some strategizing....
December 14, 2000 We've put on a little makeup...can you tell? We're redesigning the site to streamline loading and browsing. If you have feedback on the new look, send us e-mail or post your comments on the message board.
December 12, 2000 Customers are beginning to receive their markers in the mail, and we've had very positive feedback so far. Please contact us with questions, complaints, or praise as you see fit.
December 10, 2000 Let the games begin! All games will now ship with control markers. For those customers who have already received East & West, we will mail the control markers this week.
December 7, 2000 The control markers are complete! We should have them by tomorrow, and we'll start shipping them early next week.
December 5, 2000 In response to many customer queries about how to use the Bomb, the F.A.Q. section of this site now contains several essays on nuclear weapons.
December 1, 2000 More good news on control markers...we expect to get them from the die-cutter on December 6th, and we will mail them shortly thereafter.
November 28, 2000 We have added a mailing address for money orders--see our updated Orders page. Obviously, turn-around time will be slightly longer if you use this method.
November 12, 2000 New products! Order extra plastic pieces, game boards, and rules from Imp Games. Please see our orders area for more information.
November 4, 2000 Check our message board for more discussion of strategy. Also, visit Don Rae's message board under "Wargaming" to see info about the upcoming game "The Great War" (see our Links page to go there).
November 1, 2000 We're famous! Check out a story about East & West in the Axis & Allies and WWII Journal here.
October 31, 2000 Happy Halloween! Have a look at our message board for a discussion of the use and effects of nuclear weapons in East & West.
October 29, 2000 For any general inquiries or concerns, please post to our new message board so that others can benefit from your wisdom!
October 27, 2000 Rules update: we've added rules for a short game and revised nuclear submarine rules.
October 26, 2000 Several of our customers have written to tell us that they have received the game, so shipping time appears to be 4-6 days. Please inform us of any issues regarding your game.


November 23, 2000 Happy Thanksgiving! All back orders have been shipped. If you pre-ordered our game and did not receive it, please let us know so that we can rectify the situation. All customers, please vote on the message board on how long your product took to arrive from your order date.
November 21, 2000 Our links page now lists several World War I sites. Read more about the Great War and the soldiers who fought in it.
November 18, 2000 We're getting some very favorable responses from our customers about East & West. If you have thoughts you'd like to share, please post them on the message board or send us an e-mail. (And boy, is it snowy here in Iceland...)
November 15, 2000 Control markers are on the way! We've signed with a new company, and we hope to have them in our hands (and then your hands) soon.


October 17, 2000 East and West is out! The game begins shipping today, so all customers who have pre-ordered can expect delivery soon. However, because of our control marker troubles (see below) we will send these at a later date. Click here for details.
October 15, 2000 We are sad to report further delays in the release of East & West. The company cutting our control markers suddenly decided to retire from the business. Please have patience as we track down another die-cutter.
October 14, 2000

Good news for our customers! We'll be adding plastic mini-poker chips to every game. Better yet, these are free of charge. You'll get 20 new white chips and 10 blue (to represent stacks of ten units).

October 4, 2000

We've added images of our products on the East & West information page. Have a look at pieces and control markers.

September 27, 2000 Imp now offers three payment methods: electronic money through PayPal, money order, and credit card. Now, if we just had a product to sell...
September 25, 2000 Imp Games announces plans for a World War I Axis & Allies expansion set. Although we don't expect release for up to a year from now, we intend to include many of the most famous weapons and tactics of World War I.
September 22, 2000 Because of delays in our shipment of control markers, East & West will be released in early October, 2000.


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