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Order East and WestIn 1948, the world balances on the edge of war as the Soviet Union besieges the city of Berlin.  Frustrated by Allied airlifts resupplying the city, Soviet leader Iosef Stalin launches an all-out assault on Western Europe, South Asia, and the Korean Peninsula.  The Allied powers, re-organizing in the face of the attack, band together as the NATO alliance and attempt to repel the marauding Soviets.

Now, you control one of the Cold War powers...the Soviet Union, the United States, the Commonwealth of Great Britain, or Western Europe.  You must be a master of the battlefield, controlling armies of tanks, infantry, and self-propelled artillery.  However, you must not overlook the nuances of modern warfare, for with careful use of spies and technological knowhow you may tip the balance of the struggle.

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Features of East & West


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Additional plastic units in four colors
Eighty-eight new control markers represent the world powers
Rules and shipping tube






East & West Blowup Shot

As you can see, the gameboard is carefully detailed and textured; it is printed on heavy, water-resistant poster stock.  National symbols are updated to reflect post-World War Two allegiances. This image of the northern coast of Europe reflects the actual size on your gameboard (at 800 x 600 resolution). Please note that the image's colors have been simplified for web display.

To see an image of the entire board, please click here. Before you do, note that the image is large, and make take 1-2 minutes to load.










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