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Crucible Rules

Crucible Module

Neutral Setup

Here's the files you'll need to play Crucible on MapView:

The rules are in HTML format. Just unzip the file and view in your favorite browser.

The module is free for use with MapView. Please enjoy with our complements.

The neutral setup file shows the map at the start with all the neutral infantry conveniently in place.

East & West Module

The Great War Module

East & West Module readme.txt

The Great War Module readme.txt

The Great War Neutral setup file

If you have MapView 1.2 or later installed on your computer, you can download our modules and see what they're like (if you need MapView, see the link below).

If you like what you see, come back here and order from us, and we'll send you a code to register your module, allowing you to save your games.The readme.txt file with each module describes how to use the module.

The "neutral setup file" can be opened in from within the Great War, and allows you to view the map of Europe with all of the neutral armies properly represented.


by MotCreations

This link takes you to MapView 1.2 (on MotCreations download page), which is necessary to use our modules. MapView is the best program ever written to play strategy games by e-mail, and it's distributed as fully-functional shareware.

Download it and then try our modules!

Second Edition Rules
This is the official update to East & West. Although slightly more complicated than the original set, the rules provide better balance for the game and technologies. Right click on the link, then save as anything you like. You'll need a viewer to read the file (it's in virus-free PDF format, which can be seen by the Acrobat Viewer).
The Great War Map
Here's a preview of The Great War, our upcoming game covering World War I. Look all you like, and send us your comments, but please respect our copyright. Thanks.
East & West Battle Board
This is a .GIF file of a battleboard for East & West. Open the link to look at it, and right click to download it. When you use it in combat, place attacking units with movement points remaining and the defending unit casualties behind the horizontal black line on their respective sides.
Balkan blow-up boxes
Having trouble fitting your European pieces in the territories? Open and download this .JPG file to print out extra blow-up boxes for the Balkan countries.
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