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East & West battle roller Karl Pfleger has modified his great A&A battle roller especially for us. While it's not quite an e-mail server, it's the next best thing...mail your attacks to an impartial gamemaster, who can quickly determine the winner and mail the result back.
This is the home site for Avalon Hill, makers of Axis and Allies™. If you don't already have this great game, go here and get it, then come back to Imp.

Irony Game's dice server


Shadow Island Games dice server

These dice servers are not game-specific, so they can be easily used for East & West if you are playing by e-mail, although Rich's servers have far exceeded the generic capabilities of these rollers.

Send rolls in separate lines for separate units, using the following order of loss(thanks to Signet for the setup):

attacking land: inf,tank,SPA,ftr,htank,bmbr
defending land: SPA,bmbr,inf,tank,htank,ftr
attacking sea: 2hbbs,sub,carrier,destroyer,ftrs,bmbr,1hbbs
defending sea: 2hbbssubs,transp,destroyers,carriers,ftrs,bbs

Eagle Games A new company, poised to pick up where Avalon Hill left off. These guys are one of the few independent game companies to include plastic pieces of their own design. You'll get high-quality work from Eagle Games.
Conquest Games Russ, Ken, and Kyle bring you strategy games from many different eras, and the price is right!
Xeno Games Here's the home page for an excellent collection of Axis and Allies expansions, including World at War and several others. The games are well balanced and historically accurate, and give a boost to long-time Axis and Allies players. Xeno also sells a variety of playing pieces.
Table Tactics John's got an amazing selection of different variations on Risk and Axis and Allies, with several sets of new pieces produced by the company's owner.
Guild of Blades A&A Expansions Guild of Blades puts a different spin on Axis and Allies. Go and see what I mean.
Strafing Run Games Strafing Run Games has turned Axis & Allies into a fine art, with dozens of ways to expand the game. They also have decals to spruce up your old pieces.
Thrasher's A&A site

Thrasher provides one of the most complete collections of Axis & Allies links. His interests extend to many, many variations and expansions of Axis & Allies.

Of course, our favorite part of his site is his expansive collection of East & West downloads and house rules.

Troll & Toad

"Magic the Gathering Cards

30,000 different magic cards with pictures, full sets, packs, boosters and
more. From $0.25 - $8000 per card. We also stock a wide range of RPG
books, card supplies and board games."

A good online game shop, with the usual cast of collectable card games and a good board game selection as well.

The A&A and World War II Journal This site features an online periodical with articles about war games and Axis & Allies expansions.
Don Rae's A&A Essays Don has several well-written essays on Axis and Allies strategy, many of which apply broadly to expansion sets such as ours. He also hosts a busy chat room where players trade strategies and discuss rules for Axis & Allies and Axis & Allies Europe.
Cold War Documents For those interested in the history of the Cold War, this page provides a huge collection of primary documents relating to US foreign policy during the Cold War. Sadly, I could find no corresponding site about Soviet policy.
Trenches on the Web This site provides a thorough discussion of the people and technology involved in World War I, and is well illustrated throughout.
The Great War This site, produced by P.B.S., teaches the course of The Great War with a focus on the trench warfare of the Western Front.
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