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The Neutral Alliances

World War Two marked the beginning of the end of European colonialism.  As the industrial powers realigned themselves into Communist and Capitalist factions, the less developed sections of the world began to achieve a new unity.


Photo of Mao ZedongFor over a century before World War Two, China had been at the mercy of colonial interests, first British and then Japanese.  In 1948 China was locked in a bitter civil war between Nationalist (pro-Western) factions, and Communists under Mao Zedong (see photo).  By this time, the Communists controlled most of the country, and Soviet advisors had arrived to help guide the new nation toward true Marxist doctrine.

In game terms, China begins the game by partially supporting the Soviet cause.  This may include involvement in North Korea, but China's limited industrial base prevents deployments beyond this limited area.
The Arab League:
The Arab League was founded to preserve Islamic unity following freedom from French and British colonial interests in the Middle East.  This area of the world became increasing valuable as the demand for their chief export, petroleum, exploded throughout the world.

The Arab League begins the game favoring neither the Soviets or the NATO alliance.  However, their control of the strategic Suez Canal provides reason enough for the combatants to remain on good terms with the League.

The Organization of American States:
The Organization of American States (OAS) is a loose confederation of countries in the Western Hemisphere.  The OAS provides its member nations with an opportunity to discuss economic and cultural issues facing the group, and to bring unity to a group of developing nations in Central and South America.

 Because the United States is a member of the OAS, the group begins the game favoring the US.  This support
is lukewarm, however, as the group does not wholly trust its powerful neighbor to the north.

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