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Board Games

An Axis & Allies™ Expansion

In 1948, the struggle for power between the Soviet Union and the NATO alliance breaks into war.

Command vast armies, research technology, and spy on your opponents. Follow this link for more pictures, information, and background.



Rules for E&W

We offer replacement rules for East & West, sent either by e-mail or shipped to you.

Buying the rules is an inexpensive option to explore all the game mechanics before deciding if you want to get the entire game.

Plastic Pieces Imp Games sells a variety of plastic pieces and control markers    
Chips Minature poker chips in blue and white represent stacks of units. You get 10 blue and 20 white chips in each package.    
East & West Strategy Guide

Buy our strategy guide and you'll dominate all the kids on your block in your next game of East & West.

The guide covers general strategy for each power, specific turn-by-turn analysis and advice, and has a unit rating section to help you spend your hard-earned credits. The guide is included on our East & West Module CD (see below).


CD ROM Products
Need MapView? See our downloads page...

East and West Module for Mapview

East & West for your computer! We send you a CD Rom with the East & West Module, the complete game rules, and a fully functional shareware copy of MapView™. Click on the thumbnails on the right for a closer look.

This module makes playing by e-mail painless...you can send small files to your friends anywhere on the planet, transmitting the entire board setup in seconds.

Note that this game does NOT have a computer opponent...but you can easily find some flesh-and-blood opposition on our message board.

We've also included the strategy guide to East & West, to help you on your way to sinister global power.

For more information on MapView, go to MotCreations, MapView's company site.

The Americans consider a nuclear strike on the Soviet base in Eastern Siberia.

The Allies stage a sneak attack on the North Coast of the USSR.

East & West Module (2+ MB)

Click above to download our module!

East & West Readme.txt

Click here for detailed information.

Both sides take care not to offend key neutral powers, such as the Arab League. A small but stalwart band of US troops defend India against Soviet aggression.

The Great War Module for Mapview

In 1914, the assasination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand triggered a conflict between Austria and Serbia. A Byzantine network of alliances quickly drew all of Europe into war.

World War One was a brutal and fascinating conflict, featuring weapons and tactics never seen before or since. You can take control of one of the six great powers struggling for control in Europe.

The game features country-specific graphics and a multitude of units and technologies. Click on the thumbnails to the right for more details.

The Great War Module (1.5 MB)

Click above to download our module! The "readme.txt" file has detailed information on the module.

TGW Readme.txt



Germany, confident of a quick victory, prepares to storm Northern France.
The British garrison in Cairo expects heavy fighting with Ottoman forces.
The Dual Game Set for Mapview This is our economy pack of games...you get both modules (East & West and The Great War), both sets of rules, plus the East & West strategy guide. All this and you still save two bucks on the games and another two bucks on shipping. Not a bad deal, really.

An image of MapView with both modules installed. Hmmm...should I fight World War I or World War III?

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