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Photo of Iosef StalinThe Soviet Union:

Increasingly isolated from its former Allies to the West, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) moved quickly to shore up territorial gains in Eastern Europe.  In an act of open defiance to the West, the USSR blockaded West Berlin in 1948, attempting to force its surrender.

In East & West, the Soviet Union has the advantages of its vast, contiguous Asian and European empire, as well as the ability to rapidly recruit infantry in huge numbers.  The police-state regime of the USSR provides it with an advantage in counter-espionage.

During World War II, the USSR relied heavily on powerful ground forces.  By the end of the war, enormous Soviet tanks were pouring out of factories in the Ukraine.  These were the forerunners of the modern "main battle tanks" which supplanted the light tanks of the early 1940's.  To reflect this, the USSR begins the game with the technology to produce heavy tanks.

Soviet IS-3 heavy tankThe tank shown here is a Soviet IS-3 heavy tank (named for Iosef Stalin, shown above).  These behemoths were first displayed in the Berlin victory parade in 1945, where they frightened Allied generals with their obvious power.

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