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The United States:

The United States of America (USA) emerged one of the world's two principle superpowers following World War Two.  America succeeded Britain as the center of global wealth and manufacturing, and established a military Truman at his desk presence in many nations around the world.  

In East & West, the United States must bring its formidable resources to bear across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans via air and sea power. The USA needs to find a foothold on Asian soil to bolster desperate British and Western European defenses.

Atom bombThe image at the right shows the Soviet press release photograph of their first atomic bomb (1949).  Americans, including President Harry S. Truman (shown above at his desk) were horrified that an unpredictable, aggressive enemy could have so potent a weapon.  This fear sparked the "arms race" of the latter 20th century, leading to the development of more powerful bombs and missiles to deliver them.
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