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Charles De GaulleWestern Europe and Allies:

The nations of Western Europe were led by France and the newly created West Germany.  Italy, a former Axis dictatorship, was reconstructed under civilian rule.  In addition to these main leaders of "Free Europe," several smaller nations such as Portugal, Turkey, and Norway joined in the task of rebuilding the ruins.  The picture to the left shows Charles de Gaulle, leader of the Free French during World War II and president of France for many years afterward.

In East & West, the Western Europeans are slated with defending themselves against a determined Soviet invasion.  Weakened by six years of total war, these countries must rely heavily on British and American forces if they are to survive as sovereign nations.

Russian Strategy in TurkeyThe image to the right depicts the anticipated Soviet strategy for an invasion of Turkey.  The US supplied advisors and machines (and eventually nuclear missiles) to defend the peninsula.

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